2017 Shootout Series

Official shootout dates (Saturday vs Sunday) and location will be determined by group consensus of angler availability.
April 22 - 23​
May 20 - 21
June 10 - 11
July 22 - 23
August 26 - 27
September 17 - 18
​October  - Dates TBD
​November 4 - 5 (Angler of the Year crowned)

Angler can register up to 4 fish per shootout. 
The angler can opt out of the shootout fee and fish for fun, but must be assigned a peg just like all of the other shootout anglers. 
All fish over 20 lbs must be witnessed by a fellow angler of a different peg. 
You can fish as many or as few shootouts as you like.
1 point/ounce common carp 
Mirrors are 2 points per ounce
At the end of the year, we use your 10 best registered fish to determine the Angler of the Year.

​For more information, you can go to Onondaga County Carper on Facebook to express your interest or email Bill Markle

Heading 3

World Canals Conference

Come and see The Wild Carp Club at The World Canals Conference on September 24 from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm at Syracuse's Inner Harbor.  We will be giving demonstrations to Visitors on carp fishing and allowing them to reel them in.
We will also have an informational table to promote this valuable resource until it finally has its respected place in North American sportfishing, among the revered species such as bass, trout, walleye, etc.

What is the World Canal Conference?  Our Vital Waterways: Agents of Transformation is a five-day world-class
conference 200 years in the making. Celebrate the bicentennial of the
Erie Canal and enjoy endless exploration of Central New York.  For more information, please visit their website .